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Concrete Sealer Problems

An Explanation of Decorative Concrete Sealer Problems and what is possible for correcting a bad Stamped Concrete job.

These are the most common problems associated with Sealers used on Decorative Concrete that occur. Being unsightly they take away from the beauty of the Decorative Concrete that you made a large investment in hoping that it would look great for a long time with only regular resealing being needed to maintain its beauty.

1. Blushing of sealer also seen as white areas either in whole job or in spots
2. Sealer Peeling
3. Sealer wearing off too soon does not last.
4. Sealer yellowing
5. Bubbles in sealer

Blushing is the most common problem that occurs and in some cases can easily being corrected if the installer is knowledgeable in this area of the Decorative Concrete Business. Application of a proprietary product that we have developed can correct blushing if the problem is associated with moisture being trapped under the sealer.

This generally happens when your installer tries to cut corners by washing and sealing in the same day. 

The other problem related to Blushing is when resealing using an incompatible sealer is used over the sealer that was initially used.

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We are NJ 's Stamped Concrete, Colored Concrete & Concrete Resealing Specialists.


Blushing occurs from the use of improper sealer. Using Water Based or Styronated Acrylic Sealer over Pure Acrylic Sealer. The only solution to get back to the great look your concrete once had is to strip the Sealer and apply a VOC Approved Sealer.

State VOC regulations have been made Law in the past years. The Companies that made your initial sealer have had to meet the State Requirements and in so doing have changed to the chemical makeup of the sealer.

Your installer in most cases has not been made aware of this and in good faith tried to reseal for you causing the problems I have mentioned.

Unfortunately stripping the entire job is the only solution to this problem.

We have developed a manner of removing sealer that is not only efficient but is also Environmentally Safe. Therefore, grass and surrounding plants are not killed as in the past by using extremely caustic Stripping Agents.

Many Decorative Concrete installers are either not set up to Strip Sealer or have no interest in do so since they do not know how the process works. a Division of Split-Rok Construction has been doing this successfully for years and whether it has been our client or one of our competitors with a problem we are always happy to be of assistance.

Unfortunately your Contractor in many cases has tried valiantly to correct your Sealer Problem to no avail only to create a worse problem that even stripping in not the solution for.

When this happens we also have a method for re-coloring and re-highlighting your Decorative Concrete that can solve this issue.

Overlays as a solution other then removal and replacement:

When we encounter a job that has been installed that is so bad that it can not be corrected by means other then Removal and Replacement we have the following solution for this type of repair.

There is a solution DECORATIVE POLYMER MODIFIED OVERLAYS. This process has been around for quite a few years. We did not use this even though we had been told that it would work in the Northeast. Until I could be convinced that we would not have problems associated with its use I did not use it.

I am happy to say that we have been using this process for the past 5 years with great success. Our success is directly related to our installing this material as directed without cutting corners. We have done our own extensive Research and Development to insure our clients the best possible installation that we stand behind 100%

Overlays can be Stamped and can be applied at 3/8” thickness and can also be used at 1/8” but not Stamped. The Non-Stamped procedure can be used where height constraints are present and a new regular concrete surface Colored or plain is requested. All overlays like there counterpart Stamped or Colored Concrete need to be sealed to protect them from dirt getting into the surface and from Ultra-Violet light damage.


We can be reached by calling us at 732-899-5641 to have myself or one of our Associates contact you will the possible solution to your issue. You can also fill in our contact form. If you are capable of measuring the area in question as it pertains to square footage this will give us the ability to generally quote you on the phone. If you do not know how to calculate square footage we would be happy to instruct you over the phone.

Please be assured that whether we are Contracted by you or not, we will supply you with an honest opinion of what is possible and what is a waste of your time pursuing.

We have been installing Decorative Concrete for the past 25 years and have run into about all that can go wrong with Decorative Concrete and have worked tirelessly over the years to not only satisfy or customers but have helped many people Nationwide correct there problems.

I hope this is helpful and wherever you might live in or out of this Country it would be our privilege to assist you any way we can. We do this since it has always been Split-Rok Constructions goal to better the industry that we participate in and only turn out the best product possible.

We believe in assisting our fellow man or woman whenever possible and that has always been the way we have conducted ourselves over the past 25 years.

Ted Mechnick

Proud Owner of Split-Rok Construction and